Sydney – Australia

Sydney is Australia’s biggest, boldest and brightest city. Its magnificent natural harbour is the city’s shimmering soul and the focus of every visitors stay. Following the masses, I am no different and book a hotel at the bottom of Pitt Street and close to Circular Quay.

I will describe my stay in this most beautiful city by focusing on:

  • The harbour
  • The beaches
  • Eating and drinking

The Harbour

My first view of the harbour left me speechless, I just stared at its grandness. The water was an aquamarine blue, glistening in the glorious sunshine, while busy on the surface were many boats darting around, either working to get passengers from one place to another or purely just messing about.

My eye line is then filled with the majestic old bridge (coat hanger) and the stature it commands linking the mainland. Comparisons are made in my head with the Tyne Bridge in Newcastle as they are exactly the same design, only this one stretches across blue water and it is huge.

As I look right, I see the most spectacularly designed Opera House, referencing the billowing white sails of a sea going yacht. I can’t stop looking at it.

Up close the Opera House is still impressive, but I know the best way to take it in is by boarding a ferry and sailing by.

The bridge climb is a must. I pay the perceived overpriced fee, strap myself on to the bridge and begin the climb. What a sight, from the beaches at Bondi and Manly to the Blue Mountains  and then to the city skyline. I now understand why this cost so much. Truly amazing.

The Rocks, offer a perfect respite when finished, great places to eat, drink and buy things. A far cry from the early days of Sydney, where the original settlers came to land.

Behind the Opera House are the Botanical Gardens, more stunning views, blooming flowers and the venue for the outdoor theatre / opera.

The Beaches

There is no shortage here, I am drawn first of all to Manly. After a ferry ride across the harbour, I disembark at Manly. First thing I notice is there is always a cricket match being played, next I notice that all the people are cool surfer types. The waves are huge and I immediately understand the attraction.

What could possibly beat this, my next beach to tick off is the famous Bondi Beach, I take the train to Bondi Junction and jog down to the beach, 10 minutes later and passing yet another cricket match and a high street that has seen better days, I am presented with the most famous beach in the world. The sand is golden and the bay naturally arcs around.

I first have a go on the outdoor gym equipment and then jog down to the sea and cool off amongst the surfers, swimmers and those just mucking about. What I like is that everyone is active.

Next is to get active myself and I begin to jog along the Bondi to Coogee coastal path, stunning coves, beaches, cliffs, cemetery and paths. This run is my favourite route and one I will always remember. Not only for the views, but also for the healthy looking people sharing this run with me. Abs everywhere.

Eating and Drinking

Two places took my fancy, the first being Darling Harbour with endless eating and drinking and dancing places. I am spoiler for choice, and find myself pulled in this direction most evenings.

When not eating in Darling Harbour, I find myself on Pitt Street and the local Westfield food court.  Can get a healthy platter for just a few dollars.

Am so keen to go back to Sydney for two reasons, firstly to visit the blue mountains and secondly,Surprise , surprise, to learn how to surf.


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